The Head Of Department of Basic Education

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Name : Dr. Sherzad Zakaria Mohamad
Position : Head Of Department of Basic Education
E-Mail :
Phone : 00964 (750) 492 80 17
Research Interests : History of Iraq and Kurdistan
Bachelor: History
Master: Modern History of Iraq

About The Department

The department of basic education (evening) was established in 2014 as a department of Faculty of Education. The duration of study is four academic years. It provides theoretical abilities and practical skills for further education of our graduates. As a first year acceptance we receive about 301 students divided among six departments. This department is only for the staff of Ministry of Education who could study in their subdivision departments as coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education, and for developing their acknowledgment and teaching skills and abilities. So the graduated students will work in their fields as educational academic staff in Ministry of Education.

The Department of Basic Education (Evening) include six departments:

  • Department of Science
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Kurdish Language
  • Department of English Language
  • Department of Arabic Language
  • Department of Social Studies

The Objectives and Outcomes

The mission of the department aimed to providing the students with good abilities and developing their skills to be graduated with excellence teaching programs. Also we provide our students a good experience in scientific fields. To achieve this mission we must provide a modern and suitable educational equipments and facilities for our students.

The Department Courses


The Departmnet Staff

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